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Metaphysics - The fundamental nature of reality!

  • Physics deals with material world which is experienced in actual life.

  • Metaphysical issues are deeply concerned with the intellectual analysis of the deep intricacies of the reality.

  • The truth about reality can be demonstrated or substantiated but can’t be denied also.

  • We have both positive & negative approaches to reality.

  • Theist philosophers have attempted to prove the existence of God logically based on regions scriptures.

  • There are atheist philosophers who develop counter-arguments to show the inadequacy or invalidity in the logic of God’s existence.

  • God’s existence is proved through various theories which are based on ontological, cosmological, moral & teleological reasonings.

  • Another important concept in Metaphysics is soul or self which is the sustaining force in all living species, responsible for consciousness.

  • The concept of Soul & Spirit is also substantiated through logical arguments by spiritual philosophers.

  • On the other hand the materialists deny the existence of a permanent abiding substance in the body,

  • Spiritually, the realisation of the self is the way for freedom from all sufferings.

  • The ancient Greek philosophies had emphasised on the statement "know thyself".

  • Knowing self is knowing God as God dwell within is fundamental point for religious philosophers.

  • For materialists, the death is the end of life and everything ends with that.

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