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Philo + Sophia = Philosophy

  • The love for wisdom.

  • Intellectual exercise concerned with the nature of reality from humans point of view.

  • Deal with perennial problems of life.

  • Enquiry into the issues emerging in human life.

  • Revolving around social, political, moral, religious, racial, cultural, linguistic & economic spheres.

  • Explicating the real meaning of life or goal of life.

  • Rational discussions revolves around four perspectives; Metaphysical (Being), Epistemological (Theory of Knowledge), Ethical (Moral) & Religious (Believing in a Religion).

  • Philosophy develops fascination for wisdom which is different from knowledge.

  • Knowledge is acquired through sense organs & mind.

  • Wisdom is obtained through the influence of the spirit called the self or soul.

  • It starts with knowledge and then culminates in wisdom.

  • A philosopher thinks sincerely, seriously & systematically.

  • Life is full of mysteries, containing lot of miseries.

  • Life is a journey between birth & death.

  • A child is born, grows, marries, brings for offsprings and dies.

  • The doubt remains as to what happens to the soul after death?

  • How does a soul enter into the body before the birth?

  • Why are we born?

  • Why should we live?

  • Why are there so many hurdles in life?

  • How are we to overcome sufferings?

  • What is the importance of material life?

  • Is spiritual life superior to material life?

  • What are permanence & Change? Why are they caused?

  • How was the world created?

  • Is there a super power called God?

  • How is God related to the soul & the world?

  • Is the soul one or many?

  • What are appearance & reality?

  • Philosophy digs deep to find answer to these questions through speculative reasoning.

  • Philosophers develop their own answer in accordance to their intellectual calibre.

  • One think refutes the other and come forward with his own view points.

  • A philosopher inhales much more before exhaling, which means that a philosopher studies the environment in which he/she lives, the philosophical predicaments pronounced by the predecessors, the scriptures or literature available during the times to develop dialogue, discussions, arguments etc to sharpen the intellect before exhibiting his/her philosophical doctrines.

  • Almost all philosophers both in the west and the east have declared that ignorance causes misery & the only remedy is to acquire wisdom.

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