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is an invitation to life to be in the present moment

free birds

symbolise eternal freedom to walk on earth, swim in ocean & soar into the sky connecting the heaven & earth

branches of tree

are reaching for the infinite skies

the tree of life

is the bridge between

the material & the spiritual

to access the knowledge of the mind and wisdom of the heart  through infinite universal source

roots of tree

are forging deep underground

when journey is destination,

when end is the beginning,

when material is spiritual,

when life is death,

when black is white &

time is timeless,

it is the ultimate reality

of the present moment

which is right here, right now!



One of the most interesting aspects of the Tree of Life is its recurrence in different cultures and in different ages all across the globe.

From Ancient Iran to China, from North America to Armenia and Ancient Egypt, the Tree of Life and its rich symbolism has traveled time and space, being known today as one of the most important concepts in various fields, such as theology, mythology, and philosophy, but also biology, and many more.

In most of these different religions, belief systems, and mythologies, the Tree of Life stands as a symbol of knowledge, because it’s the connector of the heavens and the underworld. This is why some call it the 'tree of knowledge' or the 'cosmic tree' because it connects all forms of creations.

It’s safe to say that the symbolic meaning of the Tree of Life derives from the very concrete appearance of a tree, with its roots forging deep underground, and the branches reaching for the infinite skies.

"The Tree unites Heaven and Earth and gives comfort to all..."


Besides representing knowledge, the Tree of Life also stands as the power to bestow essential vital qualities, such as health or fertility and even immortality. Ancient Egyptians referred to the Tree of Life as the 'tree in which life and death are enclosed.'

In Buddhism, Buddha himself stood under the magic tree and attained enlightenment; whereas, in the Chinese mythology, a story tells of an extraordinary tree that produced a peach every 3000 years, and whoever ate it received the gift of immortality.

In Christianity, the Tree of Life represents the natural, immaculate state of humanity, also considered the love of God.

No matter whether you wish to embrace wisdom or the power of knowledge in your life, get connected to the source and become your true self. The Tree of Life should always follow you closely to guide your steps in life.

av the tree of life
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