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Master of Being Alive

Spiritual Philosopher & Mentor

Poet & Author
Management Graduate (IIM-K)

AV has travelled & schooled in various parts of India. The diverse exposure to multidimensional spiritual & religious heritage made him interested in philosophy, psychology, theology, ontology, occultism, art & mysticism at an early age.

Born in the lap of Kashmir's Mystical Himalayas & in the family of Vaishnavites from the Holy Himalayan Hills of Uttarakhand, AV was blessed to be raised with the disciplined armed forces family values.  While schooling he got hooked on to playing golf which taught him some of life's important lessons. AV considers Golf as one of his Gurus to make him realise the deeper values while playing the game of life.  His unconventional approach to life & self-belief made him explore more possibilities in the field of golf and to be a successful golf entrepreneur. His love for golf is expressed through designing golf courses not just to make a living but to experience the life of gratitude. 

AV is a management graduate from Indian Institute of Management, Kozikhode (IIM~K). He soon realised that his journey is from Master of Business Administration to Master of Being Alive. 

​AV & Meditation are in a relationship from many years based on a very strong spiritual connection. His meditation journey has gone through many schools of thoughts including Vipassana, Tao, Zen, Mindfulness, Yoga etc. which makes him come closer to the reality of now.  

He strongly believes that life is to be lived moment to moment rather than delaying & searching for what is already here.

The Universe might have planned for AV to experience life through Universal guidance & blessings to uncover a Spiritual

Philosopher, Poet & Author within.  

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