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AV has taken a conscious personal decision to quit social media as he strongly believes that the path self realisation is inwards. Once you are sorted inside, the outside World gets sorted by itself.

The World for you exists because you exist, once you are gone the World ends with you!


Most of the us are dragging ourselves to social media to feel better, connected, increase the network & get more followers!


You need social approvals & likes to feel better, you are not connected to yourself & you want to connect to the World, instead of working on yourself, you are busy in networking with others outside to make them your followers instead of following what the Life has to offer inside. 

I am not against Social Media,

its a great tool but not at your cost.

If it is giving you Love, Peace & Happiness, please enjoy it till it lasts! 


You don't need to find, Love, Peace & Happiness outside as it's already there inside, the only thing missing is YOU!

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