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Ma Veena Vaishnava


31st oct. 1951 ~ 22nd dec. 2016

destination ended ~ journey started


"my dedication is my meditation ~ av"

I thought it would be good to bring you all to the present moment by letting you know what i have been upto over the last few years apart from designing eco-friendly golf courses.


I would like to start with my mother, Ma Veena Vaishnava, who not only gave birth to me but made me who i am today. Ma had a very tough time all her life fighting with bi-polar disorder (depression), diabetes (type-2), hypertension and all related ailments. My father & brothers have been a great support to take care of ma & me during my growing years. I have seen ma in various stages of life but never found her love fading away in any situation.


It was early 2015 when her kidneys backed out and she was on dialysis. The universe gave me the strength to be with her and to make sure that she gets the best treatment & be comfortable all the while.  


She started forgetting things (dementia) and could not manage anything by her own. Got bed ridden and then she was on ryles tube (please google it to know more). It was the toughest time of my life to see my mother in a condition which no one wants to be in.


It was december 2016 when she departed from earth without any baggage, leaving behind a transformed me. She gave me two births, one material & other spiritual.


I had never seen death so close and never thought i would get introduced to death like this. Something in me changed, i didn’t feel the same. Day by day my sleeping spiritual being was awakening. I have been interested in the mysteries of life but this time i started experiencing life. The dots started connecting, all my life theories started to be become a practical experience which i can't hold back to myself now.


The thought of writing a book was popping in mind during ma's illness. I tried but i couldn’t write more than few pages. May be that wasn’t the time for me to write as i was busy facing the realities of life.


Ultimately, i could write the book which not only brought out the author in me but also gave birth to a poet within. As i have been passionate to be an “mba” (master of business administration) but i didn’t know that here my “mba” will be to experience the “meaning of being alive”.


I would like you to know that "mba ~ meaning of being alive" is a spiritual book of words to express the meaninglessly meaningful life coming straight from my heart. The irony is, i have to give meaning to words to make you understand that life is not in the words we use, not the meanings we give, not the thoughts we think. Life is when the meanings are dropped & you listen to the silence between the words.


I hope that you would gain some of my insights on life through this book.

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